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Nail and Beauty, Acrylic Nails, Gel Nails Victoria, London

The qualified beauty therapists covered by professional indemnity insurance of Ryan-Hair ensure maximum class and care of the given service. The code of practice lain down for the beauty experts illustrates not only the importance of best quality hairdressing in London but also most exclusive nail treatment in Victoria.

Beauty treatments in London had never been limited to hairdressing and attires for the liking of the real beauty experts. Rather, nails have always been a wonderful phenomenon of the most choosy beauty enthusiasts in London. Now-a-days nails in London are catered with a variety of adornments like never before. Ryan-Hair offers the best acrylic and gel nail polish in London with a number of other beauty therapies like manicure, pedicure and paraffin, body wrap and waxing, foot detox and many more. Imagine how easy it is to get the most faultless acrylic nails in London or gel nails in London; once you have it at your closest walk. Manicure and Pedicure in Victoria London has never been so idyllic before Ryan-Hair mastered in customized nails and beauty solution with their express service and signature service.

The massage section also has the variety of head, neck, scalp and full body massage. Corrective facial, delicate facial and rehydration facial treatments make up the facial segment that is ready to deliver you any certain criteria of facial services.

In order to get Brazilian and Hollywood waxing in London, one has to take a drop at Ryan-Hair. Our strip, full leg and full body waxing services can guarantee you the most comfortable and long lasting wax solution. The greed of taking a visit to Ryan-Hair is more than something that you can easily control, so don’t miss it, come and enjoy the top beauty treatments in London!

Nail Paradise


Classic Manicure, 45 min (File, soak fingers, shape cuticle treatment, buff, massage & varnish)
Gents Manicure, 30 min (File,soak fingers, shape cuticle treatment, buff & massage)
NailParadise Spa Manicure, 60 min (File,soak fingers, cuticle treatment, exfoliation, hot parafin mask, buff, massage & varnish)
Express Manicure, 20 min (File, cuticle tidy-up, buff & varnish)
File & Re-Varnish only (No cuticle work just filing, polish stripping and re-varnish only)
French Polish, 10 min (This is only available added to any of the above treatments)


Classic Pedicure, 60 min (Foot soak, exfoliation, file, toe nail & cuticle work, hard skin removal, massage & varnish)
NailParadise Spa Pedicure, 90 min (Therapeutic Foot Spa, file, toe nail & cuticle treatment, exfoliation, hard skin remover, hot parafin mask, massage & varnish)
Express Pedicure, 30 min (File, cuticle tidy-up, buff &varnish)
File & Re-Varnish only (No cuticle work just filing, polish stripping and re-varnish only)
French Polish, 10 min (This is only available added to any of the above treatments)
Callus Peel Hard Skin Remover, 15 min (This is a separate treatment and is added on to the Classic or NailParadise Pedicure. Not avialable as a stand alone treatment)

Shellac Gel Polish

Gel Polish with Express Manicure or Express Pedicure
Gel Polish with Classic Manicure
Gel Polish with Classic Pedicure
Extra Gel Polish (with Nail Extensions)
Removal Gel Polish (only)

Nail Enhancement

Full Set Acrylic/Gel/Fiberglass with Tips or Forms
from £35
Full Set Sculpture Pink & White
Full Set Sculpture Pink & White with Cover
Overlay on Natural Nails
from £30
Full Set Glitter/Colour/Fantasy Nails
from £35
from £28
Nail Replacement
from £5
Soak Off + Express Manicure
from £25
Nail Enhancements/Overlays for Toenails + Pedicure
from £40
Nail Art - Painting (by hand)
from £2 per nail
Acrylic Sculpted Nail Art
from £5 per nail

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